Frequently Asked Questions
Looking for information about Match ticket refunds?
CLICK HERE for more information regarding our refund policy.

I have booked a ticket under the "Email Me My Ticket" option, what happens next?
--You will be emailed a confirmation email after purchasing, so please make sure you enter in you email address accurately. This is NOT your ticket. The ticket/s will be attached to the email in PDF format.
Please open this attachment and print the tickets contained within. A single A4 sheet will print for EACH ticket you have purchased i.e. if you have booked 4 tickets the PDF file should print off 4 separate sheets of A4 each with a unique 'Ticket Number'.
It is important that you ensure you have enough BLACK INK to print these tickets to a good standard. Please do not use glossy paper as this tends to blur the barcodes and the scanner will not read them properly. There are often large queues at the ticket booth close to the start of the game so needing to have your ticket reprinted may incur a long wait and hence missing the start of the game. Please ensure the print-offs are of a good quality and you leave plenty of time before the start of the game to 'scan in'. Please do not print out your tickets in colour.

How does the row lettering system work when booking tickets?
--The rows run alphabetically starting at A (row 1) closest to the pitch up to row Z (row 23). Row 24 is AA, row 25 is BB and so on...
If you are wondering why there are only 23 letters in our alphabet it is because we do not use letters I, O or U for row designations.

I have purchased a ticket but now a friend of mine is interested in attending the match, can I add them to my group?
--Yes absolutely. It works slightly differently for international matches as it does to domestic games, though.
Domestic games are general admission so simply buy another ticket online, over the phone or even on the day if your friend is unsure about their availability (advanced price and on-day price may vary).
For an international match you would need to call the ticket line (02920 419311). We would find your existing order and see if there are any seats next to it. If not there is an option to move your existing order to an area that would allow us to add more seats. This is much simpler if the tickets haven't been printed so please try to do this prior to 6 weeks before the game.

Do I have to go in the 'Alcohol Free' area if I have a under-17 with me?
--No, for International matches you can purchase a ticket in any Category C seating area. These include the Jellyfish Family Stand (Alcohol Free) and the Pro Steel Engineering Grandstand (Alcohol Permitted). Please be aware that the under 17s rate is only applicable in these areas. An under 17s ticket is Full-Price in Category A and B seating. We have a social responsibility towards our customers so please be aware that the Pro Steel Engineering Grandstand can get very lively for international matches so consider this factor when booking for young children.

I have purchased an under 17s ticket but I need to swap it for an adult ticket. Can I do this?
-- Yes, absolutely. We often get customers who didn't realise the junior would turn 17 before the day of the match or who have someone in their party who cannot make it and are replaced with someone of a different age category. To swap your ticket, just call the ticket line on 02920 419311 and please have your order number ready.
Tickets for international matches are posted 4-6 weeks before the match. For a swift service, please upgrade before the tickets are dispatched.

I'm trying to book a ticket but it is telling me there are none available. What can I do?
-- Often it is a particular stand or just a block within the stand that is sold out or not on sale for whatever reason. When selecting a ticket, try leaving the 'Stand' and 'Block' fields empty and just click 'Best Available'. This will take you to the first available seat in the ground. Of course you are always welcome to call the ticket line on 02920 419311.

I've booked a ticket for a Glamorgan domestic home match but there are seat numbers on my order. Does this mean I have to sit in a particular seat on the day?
-- No, scheduled domestic matches are general admission matches therefore on the day of the match you are welcome to sit in any available public stand. The stewards can let you know what's open. The system has to count how many people have bought tickets so it doesn't sell too many and will therefore allocate you a seat on the system but you are not obliged to sit there. In fact your ticket will not have a seat number on it, it will simply advise you to sit in any available public stand.

I've noticed that there are a number of restricted view seats available. How do I find out why these are restricted?
-- Unfortunately there is no way of doing this by looking at the map. The two reasons that a seat would be restricted are:
1. There is an obstruction that blocks off a section of the outfield.
2. A section of a hand rail breaks your field of vision.
Often these obstructions are very minor and not an issue for a taller person. Please do call the ticket line if you have any concerns over the seat you are booking.

I am a blue badge holder. Is there parking available at the Stadium?
-- On a domestic match we have a limited number of parking spaces available. To enquire about these, please call 02920 409380.
We can, on occasion, provide stadium parking facilities during international matches, it just depends upon the match. Please call the number mentioned to discuss this further.

What is the situation with the purchase of wheelchair/ambulant disabled tickets?
-- For all Glamorgan and international fixtures, the above are sold at full price, but the carer ticket is free of charge. Please call 02920 419311 to make such a booking. Proof of disability will be required, as per Level Playing Field guidelines.

I notice that some of your homes matches are not played at Sophia Gardens Cardiff. Why is this?
-- We have four official 'outgrounds' at Swansea, Colwyn Bay, Newport and Neath. Each year we aim to play a fixtures at some of these venues. There is a strong tradition of support at these grounds. The members of these clubs have always given us fantastic support during our long history and it makes for a wonderful atmosphere. It is a great honour to be able to showcase top-flight Welsh cricket to fans who, for Colwyn Bay in particular, would not normally be able to make it to Sophia Gardens.